Excluding BAML resources from source files during parsing

Is there a possibility to exclude BAML resources from source files during parsing?

As one of our developers has told me there are two ways to localize WPF dlls, BAML on the one hand and resx files on the other hand. Our developers use resx files for the localization of our dlls. Having the BAML resources in the source file (and thus also in the translated target files) leads to problems in our software. Hiding all BAML resources or making them 'read-only' doesn't solve the problem, we need the target ressource.dll without the BAML content.
I hope I was able to explain my needs, I am not a developer, only the one who is responsible for localization.Thanks for your help

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  • Currently this is not possible. Passolo will always write the BAML files in the target DLL as other properties like sizes, positions, fonts etc. could be changed in the localization process. I've asked development to consider implementing such an option, however this might take some time.