"Remembering" deleted translations


What is the suggested way to save translations inside passolo after they have been deleted from the project?

The case is that the translated text is deleted in source code, but we want to keep it in passolo in case we need it again.

Thank You.

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Simon Eckert

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  • There are many ways to store „deleted“ translations.

    Clients working not exclusively in SDL Passolo usually store UI strings in an additional external translation memory. Passolo offers functions to directly store translations into external TMs or export these translations. The export options can include deleted strings from the recycle bin.

    Why does recycle bin sound scary? The use case for the recycle bin is exactly the described scenario: Keep translation for UI string entries deleted by developers. And it can be used as a translation memory within SDL Passolo

    And in the end you can’t guarantee that these entries will not be deleted from any other repository where you transferred the deleted strings.

    Anyway there is also another viewpoint. I know clients that do not store or reuse the translations of deleted string entries as the engineering effort to maintain this process is more expensive than letting the translation vendor retranslate some strings.

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