Join us for a series of four technical webinars where our product management and development teams will share in-depth information about the upcoming release of SDL Tridion Sites 9.5.

SDL Tridion Sites 9.5 marks a major step towards a fully reinvented user experience for Tridion practitioners and in addition it delivers improvements for Search and Content Delivery.

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Semantic Content Models

Join Product Owners Dragan Nanic, Andriy Zhidko and Senior Developer Vitalii Zelinskyi to learn about out-of-the-box capabilities of publishing a JSON-based data model that can be map to semantic content models on the Dynamic Experience Delivery side. 

You will learn about:

  • Our vision for template-less publishing
  • How you can model your published content on the Content Manager side
  • How you can establish a mapping between content fields in SDL Tridion, and the way these can be queried through the GraphQL API
  • How your frontend developers can more easily build engaging web experiences, without the need to know the inner workings of SDL Tridion Sites

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Searching in a headless world

Join Ben Middleton, Technical Architect and Dragan Nanic, Product Owner, to learn about SDL Tridion Sites Search

People searching for  information in an SDL Tridion powered end-user application can now find it quickly and easily. There is no need to perform multiple search actions across marketing content and in-depth product or service information.

In this session you will learn about:

  • How to mark content for search indexing 
  • Out-of-the-box search experience in SDL Tridion Sites
  • Using GraphQL for search queries, including metadata
  • Searching multi-media content
  • Retrieving content in a mash-up scenario with SDL Tridion Docs

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Introducing Access Management for secure and simplified information sharing

Join Andriy Zhidko, Product Owner and Nataliia Napriienko, Senior QA Engineer who will demonstrate the new Access Management service and the role-based security model. Access Management centralizes access to SDL Tridion Sites and simplifies integration with external identity providers, such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory or AWS Identity and Access Management services.

In this session you will learn about:

  • Role-based authentication 
  • Configuring user access to SDL Tridion Sites using the new Access Management service 
  • How to start using Access Management
  • Deprecation status for authorization modules

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Experience Space - the new Editorial User Interface for SDL Tridion Sites

Join Product Owners Alvin Reyes and Anton Minko to learn more about Experience Space - the new editorial user interface for SDL Tridion Sites.

Designed especially for content editors, SDL Tridion Sites 9.5 Experience Space makes it easier to explore, manage, and publish content, multimedia, and pages across many sites and channels.

This first version of Experience Space will be optimized for editorial efficiency with fewer actions to complete user tasks and can be used alongside the classic UI (Content Manager Explorer).

In this session you will learn how to user Experience Space for common daily editor's tasks such as:

  • Navigating and exploring content
  • Creating and editing content, including the new Rich Text editor
  • Working with multimedia assets, including Multimedia Components and External Content Library
  • Composing a page
  • Publishing content

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