Not Considering

Please refer to the top comment, which provides the necessary context to this topic:"


CAL consumption is not (directly) based on files checked out.

It is based on requests made to the GS server, both, requests to retrieve data and requests to update data.

What *is* true is that Studio - while running - constantly queries whether there are any updates for the active project and thus keeps a project CAL checked out (even if the user is not actively working).

So, if this is mainly about the CALs, the more appropriate idea is


Handling file check-outs

Considering the cost for Client Access Licenses, it is important to monitor and control who is using your CALs. As long as a file is checked out to a user, this user occupies a CAL and might in some cases block access for others if you are running out of licenses.

I am suggesting some options for administrators to handle CAls:

- Report of all files currently checked out - by whom, since when, and in which phase.
- Allow implementation of an automatic "dead-man-switch" for files that have been checked out for a certain number of days. An automatic notification could be sent out to the user to remind them that they have files checked out.

This could be done simultaneoulsy in Studio via a warning that files were discovered that have been checked out for some time. (the suggestion was also made to the Studio group)